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Healthy Habits are Underway Thanks to LISTERINE!

Note: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.



Well, we’ve had our LISTERINE products for a while now and we’ve been integrating them into our oral care routine – and loving it. It doesn’t take much time at all to add Smart Rinse to what we’re already doing, and as a mom it makes me happy to know that the Smart Rinse is helping to clean all the germs the boys may have missed when they brush their teeth (let’s be honest; we all know that elementary-aged kids aren’t the most diligent brushers!).

The boys think the Smart Rinse is fun because it’s green and because it has the Avengers on the front of it, so it made it easy to introduce to them. Sometimes they (especially our oldest son) can be resistant to trying new tastes, but they both were open to using this and they like swishing it, too.

I love the floss for myself, because that’s one area I haven’t always been perfect about. I’m a twice-a-day brusher, but I know flossing is crucial for oral health – and LISTERINE has floss for virtually every type of mouth. The POCKETPAKS are another favorite of mine. They’re so easy to keep in my purse and pull out when I need them. They don’t just make your breath smell better, folks. They kill germs, so these are great to use after a meal or snack (and especially after sugar). The kids love them, too, because they think it’s magical how the strips dissolve on their tongues.

Have you tried any of these great LISTERINE products? Click here to find out where you can buy them, and you can visit the LISTERINE website, too, to find out more about what all they have to offer. And don’t miss the great Healthy Habit Heroes videos on the LISTERINE YouTube page!

Be a healthy habit hero and get your kids started NOW taking good care of their teeth. We talk to our kids about how important it is especially once they get their “grown-up” teeth, and we hope that we’re instilling habits that they’ll continue throughout their lives!

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