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Jif To Go Dippers Are the Perfect Snack for Families on the Go!

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Our family, like so many others, is busy a lot of the time. We have three kids, so we have different places to go for drop-offs and pick-ups, plus commitments for school or church or things planned with friends. So it’s really important to us that we have filling snacks to keep the kids from getting hungry hungry (hungry + angry = hangry, in case you didn’t know!).


We’ve tried out lots of different snack options for the kids, but there are negatives to many things we’ve tried – chips aren’t very filling and can be messy if there’s any seasoning. Fruit is a great snack when we’re at home, but is hard to take out and about because it’s perishable.

I love having Jif To Go Dippers in E’s diaper bag when we’re out running errands. I know it’ll be something that the kids have fun eating, for one thing (have you ever met a kid that doesn’t like dipping foods?), and I love that they’re getting protein with the peanut butter.

I also like to keep Jif To Go Dippers in my desk at work. There are some days when it’s incredibly busy and I just don’t have time to go out for lunch. These are a great snack to tide me over!

Jif To Go Dippers come in two flavors: creamy peanut butter, and chocolate silk peanut butter spread. The chocolate version is a perfect treat to have! I love the sweetness of the chocolate combined with the saltiness of the peanut butter and pretzels.

You can find Jif to Go Dippers at grocery stores nationwide – at our grocery store we find them on the same aisle as crackers. You can get singles or 4-packs (I’d recommend the 4-pack; you’ll want more than 1, trust me!).

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I hope you’ll enter, too! Remember, you can enter on the Jif site, or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Here’s the Jif info all easy right at your fingertips for you:

Jif Website: http://www.jif.com/ | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jif

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jif | Instagram: http://instagram.com/jifbrand

And here’s all the Jif To Go Dippers photo competition details and guidelines: buff.ly/WT8bQR

How do you #GetGoing?


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