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Five Ideas for Perfect Stocking Stuffers Your Kids will Actually Use!

Note: This is a partnered post with Shopular. All opinions are honest and are my own.

I have an announcement to make:

We are almost done with Christmas shopping.

I can hardly believe it myself, but it’s true. We started a little of our shopping way back in October, and now – with more than two weeks to spare – we just have a few little things left to purchase.


Of course, if you’re like us you put stockings off until the last minute – and then it can be a real challenge trying to figure out what to include! In years past we would find random little toys, but we’ve learned to be a little more discerning with what we pick so that we don’t end up with a lot of clutter the kids don’t play with anyway.

Here are five things we like to purchase for stocking stuffers:

  • A fun toothbrush. Since our kids don’t read my blog I can safely tell you the boys will each be getting light saber toothbrushes that actually light up, and E will be getting a princess brush. If your kids are young enough to be using kids’ toothpaste still, you can find fun themed toothpaste, too.
  • Change!  The “gold” dollars are perfect to fit in the toe of the stocking, and in our house that’s what the tooth fairy leaves too so I guess it’s common “magical” currency.
  • Fresh pack of crayons and a small sketchbook – we have an overabundance of crayons in our house, but I can still remember from my childhood that there’s just nothing quite like a brand new box of crayons. Small sketchbooks are great for taking in the car or to church.
  • LEGOs. And it doesn’t have to be a tiny set, either. Just take the bags and the instructions out of the box to make it easier to fit in the stocking. Our kids love them and they get a ton of use year-round.
  • Dominos or a card game – Crazy 8’s, Go Fish, Phase 10 and many other games are fun for the whole family!

Whatever you decide to get for your kids’ stockings this year, be a smart Santa and check around for the best deals – Shopular is an easy way to check for sales and save some money while you finish up everything on your list.



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