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Get Your Vehicle Winter-Ready with These Great Tips


There’s no denying it: fall is in full swing and winter is knocking on the door. Some parts of Texas have already seen snow, and with the mild summer we had it’s a good idea to be prepared in case we have a cold, snowy winter – even in Texas. Even if you park in a garage, your car will eventually be affected by the elements when you’re out and about. I’ve got five essential tips for preparing your vehicle to brave the winter cold – here’s the first:

1. Use a synthetic sealant or a wax to help protect your car’s finish. If you’re driving in an area that salts to de-ice the roads then your car is being exposed to even more potential damage, so using a sealant right before winter hits is a great way to provide a barrier against the elements for the winter months. It’ll give your car a nice shine, too.

For the rest of my tips, please visit my guest post on the Bossier Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership blog.

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