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Outrider Game Review

Brian and I love games – board games and card games alike – so we can really appreciate Outridera new game currently raising money (and totally surpassing its goal) on Kickstarter.

Of course, we also have an added appreciation for the game because we know its creator, Gregg Lewis-Qualls. We know how much research and work went into giving the game its level of quality (spoiler alert: a LOT!).

If you have older kids that love playing with cars and battling, Outrider is a perfect game for them. Here’s a shot of what all you get:

Here’s what’s included (this may expand based on how much the project exceeds its goal by:

  • A Set of 24 Vehicles & matching dashboards (12 double-sided cards, each) +Exclusives!
  • 1 Deck of 15 Maneuver Cards
  • 1 Range Ruler
  • 1 Large Format Rules Reference Sheet + 2 Reference Cards
  • Resource Tokens for 8 players
  • 1 Initiative Tracker + Enough Vanity plate tokens & Gear Shifter Cards for 8 Players
  • 12 Terrain Tiles (for constructing scenarios & your own warzones) with four included scenarios cards
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 set of 4 Camo Green dice (D6, D8, D10, D12)


Teachable in minutes, Outrider sets up fast and plays fast, while retaining a high level of customizable detail. Using a unique blend of dice, card, point allocation and press-your-luck mechanics, Outrider has creates a fun, engaging balance of tactics and risk. Outrider has attracted gamers from all walks of life. Hardcore wargamers, casual (gateway) gamers and kids of all ages are caught by its approachable mechanics and visual ‘curb appeal.’

Designed with scalability in mind, Outrider supports 2-8 players, right out of the box. Game types can range from quick free-for-alls, using just the base deck at the coffee shop or they can be scenario-based, team games played with terrain and miniatures (in the form of 64th scale diecast cars).



You can bring in your own obstacles and vehicles (give all those Hot Wheels new life!) and play virtually anywhere, customizing the game to your liking.




Here’s an video explaining the setup:

If you’re looking for a really fun and different gift idea, consider backing this Kickstarter for someone! Brian’s dad gave him a Kickstarter gift one year and it was really fun following the project progress and then receiving the item.

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  • Gregg Lewis December 5, 2014 at 9:18 am

    Thanks for the feature, Christi. We have received a lot of great feedback from parents who l0ve playing the game with their kids. It also makes a great gift for those gamer dads out there. For younger kids, I recommend TURBO RALLY CARD racing. It also uses Hot Wheels as playing pieces and is available for puchase this year at amazon: http://goo.gl/fVMLmD