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Nerd Block, Jr. – for the Little Nerds in Your Life


Note: We received a Nerd Block, Jr. box to facilitate our review. All opinions are honest and are our own. 

There are lots of subscription boxes out there – Brian and I both receive a box each month, but we hadn’t gotten one for the kids until we tried the Nerd Block, Jr. box.


You can get a box for boys or one for girls, and each sells for $13.99. I was curious how the value of the toys would hold up to the cost, so let’s take a look at what we got in our box:


Doyle Monster Factory Plush – I couldn’t find this exact toy online, but the cheapest Monster Factory plush toy I found was $12.95.

Sonic the Hedgehog Bouncy Ball – Found this on major retail site for $11.99.

Adventure Time Mad Libs book – $3.95.

Crashlings 4-Pack Set – $8.95.

Hero Clicks Figurine – $3.99.

Total Toy Value: $41.83

So, bottom line – I do feel like you get a really great value for your $13.95. Now, as with any subscription box, you run the risk that you’re not going to like every item. Our kids liked everything, so it was a great box for us, and even if we didn’t love each item I could save some things for our gift stash (please tell me I’m not the only one who has this)!

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