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Take Your Kids on a Fun Journey into History with Jurassic Quest


Note: We received tickets to this event to facilitate our review. All opinions are honest and our own.

When the weekend arrives, it’s easy to fall into a rut with your activities – but every now and then it’s nice to change things up! If you’re looking for something unique and fun to do with your kids, keep an eye out for when Jurassic Quest will be heading your way. We recently had the opportunity to attend, and it was a great departure from our typical weekend activities! We went with some friends and it was a great outing for us all.

The kids started getting excited before we even walked in the venue, because they saw this giant dinosaur head and all sorts of inflatables. So, of course, we had to go check out the head first. The top photo with J’s “terrified” expression cracks me up!

After we took way too many photos with the dinosaur head, we (and when I say we I mean the kids) decided we needed to head over to the inflatables area – there were so many to choose from!

I wasn’t sure about this dinosaur tipped over onto one side – but this apparently made it more of an adventure for the older kids, who pretended they were having to escape a dinosaur attack.

There were a lot of inflatables outside to pick from – the kids had a lot of fun, and we were glad to let them have the chance to burn off some energy. We appreciated that there was an inflatable just for toddlers, so E & her friend could play without worrying about being knocked over by an older child.

Before we headed indoors we decided to check out the dinosaur rides. When I had read about these online I thought the kids would be on some sort of animatronic ride that would walk them around an area, but when we were at the event I realized these were actually stationary dinosaurs that moved around. Not what I expected, but the kids still enjoyed it and thought it was awesome to have their photo on top of a dinosaur.

C_RidingDinosaur8  Riding_Triceratops8



On our way inside to check out other activities, the kids stopped for a photo opp, and then we ran into a dinosaur “walker” – a fairly realistic-looking dinosaur worn by a staff member of Jurassic Quest. Kids swarmed around these walkers and loved getting up close and petting them.

Kids-Dinosaurs8 DinosaurWalker8

Inside the kids got to make “fossils,” which they thought was a lot of fun – it was nice to have a free take-away treasure from the event.


The kids got to pet a baby dinosaur carried around by a Jurassic Quest staff member, and they took a fun green screen photo. The green screen photo did cost extra – $5 – but it made for an awesome memento for them to show friends.




Our last activity before heading out was viewing the large dinosaur models – these were well-crafted and several of them moved. The backgrounds were simplistic but the lighting and accessories in each area really set the tone, and the kids (both our elementary schoolers and our toddlers) were impressed.

LargeDinosaur8  AnotherLargeDinosaur8

If you’re planning to go to Jurassic Quest when it’s in your area, I’d recommend going early Saturday so you can beat some of the crowds. When we left we could see long lines of people waiting to get in, so we were really glad we had gone early. Tickets are $13 per child (or $22 if you want the VIP experience) and are $18 per adult. You can visit their website to see when they’ll be coming to an area near you!

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