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Three Tips to Decorate Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Living Room

When one area of your home starts to look worn-out and outdated, it’s easy for it to make the rest of the house feel outdated, too. Especially when you have kids around, things can get a little “loved” and need replacing. Or if you’re like us, you’re so busy that you don’t decorate much to begin with!

You can resolve this dilemma by redecorating your room with something as simple as its drapes, or as intensive as replacing the flooring; of course, putting in new floors can get expensive really quickly. For those of you on a budget like us, here are some inexpensive ways to add some pizzazz to your humble abode without going beyond your budget. None of these take much time, but each one make an impact on the overall feel of your home.


  1. Artwork. Hanging a painting on a blank wall can add personality and uniqueness to a room. You might think of paintings as being something expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can find great bargain pieces in your local markets or art fairs, and it’s a lot of fun being on the hunt for a great piece to give your room a special flair. Unlike buying art from department stores, you can find a wider variety of art if you expand your search. And if you want to spend even less, you can also create art with your children. Not only can it make your place look splendid, but it’ll give them a sense of pride to see their art hanging on the walls. You can do something as simple as giving them paint and a canvas, or you can always look on Pinterest for more specific ideas that fit your taste.


  1. Eliminate the clutter. You may not have enough resources to purchase different home accessories, but a totally free thing you can do for now is to remove the clutter in each of your rooms. Keep in mind that beauty can also be found in simplicity. Use wicker boxes to organize your magazines and newspapers. Toys, meanwhile, should be placed in baskets when they’re not being used so they don’t create visual clutter. You can also set aside an afternoon to purge items from each room – you probably have more than you realize, and cleaning things out will make you – and your house – feel refreshed.

festive dinner table

  1. Burn some candles. Because of the variety of colors available, candles can also serve as affordable decorative pieces. In addition, aromatic candles also provide a pleasant and relaxing vibe when they’re lit. Purchase candles with varying heights and place them in a glass container for a great table centerpiece, or surround a bathtub with nice white candles for a spa-like feel. We’ve got three young children, so we do make sure to place candles out of easy reach and only light them when we’re around to keep an eye on them. I also like to place a candle in our guest bath when we’re entertaining – it’s a nice touch a space many of your guests will visit!

These are just a few inexpensive but effective ways to freshen up your home. Feel free to share other useful tips in the comments!


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