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Father’s Day {+ Free Printable}


I’m really blessed to be married to a guy who is a great dad, and with Father’s Day around the corner I started thinking a little bit more about my husband.

Maybe you’ve experienced something similar:

You married a man who you knew you loved, but then – then – you had children. And suddenly, he wasn’t the man you married.

He was so much more.

He gently cradled your tiny babies and took on diaper changes like a champ.

He wiped tears and put band-aids on boo-boos (even when he really didn’t think one was needed).

He made silly faces and did silly voices just to make your children’s faces light up.

He got down on the floor with your children and played. And read. And made memories.

He taught your children about respect. About saying “ma’am” and “sir.” About how you treat women. And men. And everyone.

He cheered for your children’s accomplishments and made it known just how proud he was. He hung scribbled art all over his cubicle walls at work.

He played catch. He painted fingernails. He helped with “All About Me” posters. He was there for all those little moments that add up to something very big.

He loved your children no matter what and made that abundantly clear.


It’s amazing, isn’t it, how parenthood changes things? It certainly makes life a little messier, but gloriously so. Seeing my husband navigate all the curves of parenting – and being his partner through it all – has just multiplied the love I have for this man.

And so, when Father’s Day approaches, it can be really difficult to find a way that seems fitting to celebrate, can’t it? There are all sorts of extravagant or elaborate gifts you could come up with. But really, here’s all you need – a way to let your children share what they love best about their dad.


I’ve seen a lot of printables out there, but this is a different take on the questionnaire concept – each letter has a space for your child to fill out an answer and add some color, making a perfect gift to frame. From far away it still reads “I <3 You, Dad.” Just click here or on the image above to download a printable PDF.


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