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Perfect Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Thanks to Groupon for this great partnered guest post! If you’re like me and will be on the hunt for last-minute Father’s Day gifts this weekend, you’ll love these suggestions:

Dads are so special and unique, and a man with amazing qualities deserves a special gift to highlight his Father’s Day. We want to honor the guy we think is so perfect, and who helped raise the perfect kids…but sometimes we’re not so perfect. If you slacked on getting a Father’s Day gift this year, don’t worry too much! Here are four great last-minute (and/or belated!) gifts available to let him know that you care (and won’t wait so late to shop again next year):


#1 Kiehl’s Starter Kit is a nice, manly personal hygiene kit. It consists of Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash, White Eagle Shave Cream, Facial Fuel Moisturizer and Ultimate Strength Hand Salve.


#2 Father’s Day T-Shirt I know, I know – a t-shirt?! A statement-making Father’s Day T-Shirt will always be cherished and warmly remembered by Dads. What more visible way to say, “I love you, Dad!” than with a t-shirt?


#3 Father’s Day Key Ring Does your husband – or your dad have problem hanging on to his keys? One look at this key ring and he will hold on tight.


#4 Tom’s Booker Satin Gold Sunglasses keep Dad from squinting in the sunshine. He’ll be able to maintain that allure of definitive coolness! (And if you don’t love the sunglasses- check out coupons for other gifts from Tom’s. You’ll be sure to find a great gift there!)

Enjoy your Father’s Day—and good luck shopping!

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