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Going Above & Beyond for Our Dog with Grain-Free Purina® Beyond®


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We love our dogs. I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture, but we’ve ended up with two incredibly sweet and patient pups who follow us around loyally, dole out tons of kisses, and play with our kids like it’s their job. They also serve as willing pillows for little heads, and are just all around great members of our family.


Sally is our older dog; she’s 4 years old and is just getting out of her hyper puppy phase. We decided it was about time she had her own dedicated bed, and so we came up with a DIY project to pamper her a little: a knotted fleece dog bed.

If you’ve ever made a knotted fleece blanket, the concept is very similar. It’s easy, and there’s no sewing, so kids can get in on this project! I had a friend over and we each made a bed for our dogs.

First, lay two equally-sized pieces of fleece back to back with the soft sides out. Cut a square out of each corner (we did about 5″).


Then cut slits along each side of the fabric, keeping them the same length as the size of your corner squares.


Next, tie each pair of slits into a knot along three sides of the fleece. If you have a 2-year-old helper it might take a little longer, but it’s worth it.:


Stuff batting or loose polyester fill into your fleece – we used three sheets of batting so it was cushioned but still thin. Then tie up the remaining side of your blanket:


And you’re all set!


My friend’s dog, Shona, loved her bed!


Of course, we pamper our dogs in other ways, like by buying them Purina® Beyond® Grain Free Dog Food. We go to H-E-B every single week to do our grocery shopping, and we can find Purina Beyond right on the pet food aisle.



Since I like to eat chicken, I first got the white meat chicken flavor for our dogs to try.


I love that chicken is the #1 ingredient, that it’s grain-free and uses natural ingredients.


Purina® Beyond® grain-free products are all about natural, wholesome, blends of quality products, and it makes me feel good to feed our dogs food that is the same quality we would expect out of food for ourselves – after all, our dogs are members of the family, too.

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  • Jenna Wood August 5, 2015 at 2:51 am

    Awe, how adorable your pup is pretending to be a pillow! Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! #client