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Data Done Right for Our Family With Virgin Mobile

 I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Virgin Mobile USA which is one of Sprint’s prepaid brands. I received two Virgin Mobile smartphones to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Our boys love screen time. If they had their way, they’d probably play video games every waking hour. We limit the amount of time they’re allowed to play, and it can be hard for them to share or take turns. If you have more than one child, you’ve probably experienced this very same issue.


Virgin Mobile is a parent’s dream – they have Data Done Right Single Line and Multi-line Data Sharing plans, which are available exclusively at Walmart. It’s incredibly easy for family to share data, and we can split up the time between the boys with minimal bickering.


And since these phones aren’t contract plans, but are pre-paid cards, we know we don’t have to worry about them going oveboard and costing us an arm and a leg. These plans make us really aware of how much time each person is spending on the phone, and we can make sure we don’t have a data hog in the family!


We decided a great way to split the time was for the boys to earn data by completing chores. Win-win, right? They were incredibly motivated to get work done around the house so they could earn more time to play games on our phones.


Can I just say, too, that the phones available for these data-sharing plans are nice. I used to have this mental image of flip phones when I would think about pre-paid plans, but that is a thing of the very distant past. Now the phones are sleek, stylish, user-friendly and highly functional. Below you can see three of the different phone options, and photos taken with each phone.







If you’re on the verge of getting phones for your children, or you’re looking for an option that allows flexibility for sharing, be sure and head over to Walmart to get set with a great data sharing plan from Virgin Mobile.

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