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Denny’s Makes a Difference #DennysNKH – Frugal Novice

Denny’s Makes a Difference #DennysNKH


This post is part of my compensated ambassadorship with Denny’s. All opinions in this post are honest and are my own. 

Just $10 to No Kid Hungry can provide up to 100 meals for kids who need them. 

As you all know by now, I’m a Denny’s ambassador. It’s been a lot of fun learning about all Denny’s has going on – I’ve even visited their test kitchen in South Carolina to see all the work and planning that goes into every single part of the Denny’s experience (spoiler alert: it’s impressive). It was there, over a year ago, that I first learned about Denny’s partnership with No Kid Hungry, which still continues to this day.

No Kid Hungry is a charity that helps make sure children don’t go without a very basic need: food. It’s a cause that’s near and dear to my heart – the thought of kids having to function throughout their day with empty bellies is sickening. I get shaky if I skip lunch one day, and I’m a grown adult. I know my children definitely give off signs of hunger, and that’s just from having a later dinner one night. I can’t imagine them going without food, and No Kid Hungry aims to end that problem for kids around the country. Check out these facts on what a difference breakfast makes for kids:


I get the opportunity to help raise money for No Kid Hungry through the Denny’s campaign, and I got to host a fundraiser dinner this past week to help inform friends and family about this great partnership – I thought I’d share a few photos about our event and then I’ll share how you can make a difference (fun fact: did you know that if you donate $1 you can provide up to TEN meals for children? That’s some major change you can make with minimal cost to you, friends!).



Anthony, the GM at our location, was amazing in helping coordinate the event. He set us up in a private room, and as their contribution to the fundraiser he even donated drinks for the event. That is going above and beyond, but it’s not surprising to me given our experience with our location. They’re a great team of people who care.


Jay was our amazing waitress for the night. Y’all, we had 15 people and she was so on top of it all, so I wanted to give her major kudos for that! She has three kids of her own and we sent her home with some No Kid Hungry goodies for them.

You can see in the photo above some of what Denny’s sent us to help make the event really fun. I asked people questions from the fact sheets I gave them about No Kid Hungry, and they could win some of these great items as prizes by answering.




There were reminders all around about the Denny’s No Kid Hungry campaign:


And I printed out sheets for our event that made it easy for everyone to donate – they could just scan the QR code with their phone to go right to my personal fundraising page!


We ate great food at the fundraiser – thanks to Denny’s for providing the food for this event so we could focus on getting attendees to donate money to No Kid Hungry! The Bacon Slamburger was the biggest hit, I think – you can’t really beat bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns on a burger! We had chips & queso and mozzarella sticks for appetizers, and those were all a big hit, too.


Club Sandwich with French Fries

French Toast

French Toast

Bacon Slamburger Cut in Half

Bacon Slamburger Cut in Half

Bacon Slamburger

Bacon Slamburger Open Faced


Loaded Veggie Omelette

Don’t forget, even if you didn’t get to come to the dinner, you can still donate and make a difference in children’s lives.  Click here to go right to my personal fundraising page. I hope you’ll join me in doing something great for kids who really need it. Even just $10  – the amount you might spend on one lunch out – could provide up to 100 meals for kids.  

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