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You’ll FLIPP for These Great Halloween Deals


Note: I received compensation to facilitate purchase of deals found with the Flipp app. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Halloween is next weekend (!) and the kid in me was pretty thrilled to discover that it falls on a Saturday evening. It works out perfectly -Friday night we’re having friends over for a pumpkin carving & painting party, and we’re having a Halloween-themed meal for the kids, since Saturday will be busy with trick-or-treating. It’ll be a lot of fun, and I decided I needed to ramp up my Halloween decor and supplies to get ready.

I knew that, when shopping, I didn’t want to break the bank on items we’ll only get to use for a short time each year, so I turned to my Flipp app on my iPhone to help me find the best sales and coupons. If you haven’t heard of Flipp before, it is a free iPhone & Android app that aggregates all your favorite retail circulars onto one super-handy digital device for seamless access to the very best deals on everything you’re shopping for. There are all sorts of categories to pick from, or you can do a search to find the specific item(s) you want.

The screen below is my favorites screen; it shows me circulars for the stores I shop at most.


I was on a mission, though – to find great Halloween deals. I did a search for Halloween, and it brought up all the deals in my area.


I just found the deals that were the best for me and tapped on them to save them (“clip” them) to remember.


I found great deals at Hobby Lobby, CVS, and Target – check them out!

At Hobby Lobby I ended up getting two pumpkin candles – perfect to use Halloween weekend and beyond. But check out all the cute items, all at 40% off, which the Flipp app let me know about.



At CVS I got some candy jewelry and a marshmallow decorating kit for a great deal!



Flip told me about the Halloween makeup deal, too, and I got some fun temporary tattoos to go with my kiddos’ rock star costumes.


At Target we found quite a bit of great Halloween gear:





I think this next item is my favorite. We found it for 20% off, and it looks great in our entryway!



I’m really excited about all the great deals we found to make our pumpkin carving party extra-special, and I’m so glad I learned about the Flipp app to help me save money! I know we’ll get a lot of use out of it in the coming months! If you’d like to download the app just search “Flipp” in the app store – it’s free, and you’ll love the savings it helps you find!

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