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Be Prepared When You Get on the Road


Will you be getting on the road in the coming weeks for a road trip? If so, I’m sure you’ve probably started thinking about what all to pack. Don’t forget Christmas gifts for the grandparents, blankets for napping on the road, or things to keep your kids occupied while you drive. And definitely remember to pack an emergency kit for your car.

It’s always a good idea to be prepared with some important basics. You can buy a pre-made kit, but if you assemble your own you know you’ll have exactly what you need when the situation arises. One thing you want to be sure and have is a fire extinguisher. Make sure you get one rated for Class B (those that involve flammable/combustible liquids, like gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene) or C (those involving electrical equipment like switches and batteries) fires. If your engine catches on fire, you’ll be glad to have this on hand.

For other tips on what to include in your car’s emergency kit, check out my guest post over on the Antioch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram blog.

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