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Brick Swag Subscription Box – Perfect for LEGO Lovers!


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We love LEGO in our house. Like, love it.

Our tree topper is made of LEGO.



We have two shelves dedicated to my husband’s architecture collection. We have sets for pretty much every holiday. Our boys have a LEGO table in their room, and a big set of drawers full of bricks. There’s another storage area in our game room/office, and my husband even makes LEGO art.

So, if there’s any subscription box that’s a perfect fit for us, BrickSwag is it.


Every box includes:

  • an exclusive t-shirt
  • Genuine LEGO bricks you get to keep
  • Funky Figs trading cards
  • Build magazine
  • + more

We got a box to try, and here’s what was in ours:


The verdict: The actual LEGO elements, which is the heart of this subscription, are spot-on and a lot of fun. There was a set to build a little turkey (with instructions in the “Build” magazine):


There’s also another bag of bricks to use in a challenge, which is a really fun idea and a way to engage with other LEGO fans. We got a brick with #BrickSwag on it, which I could see being fun to collect each month if they continue it in each box.

The t-shirt is a nice design that my husband would wear. It doesn’t feel incredibly high-end, but it’s a great value for the cost of the box.

The trading cards might be fun for kids, but we’re indifferent toward them and would be fine if they weren’t included.

The cup is fun. We’ll use it all the time, the kids think it’s great.

The poster is cute/funny but again, we’re indifferent and could do without.

The magazine has great content and is a fun read. Brian and I are both graphic designers, so we cringed a bit at some of the font usage and other design elements, but the average person wouldn’t notice, I’m sure.

BrickSwag is $26/month if you just purchase month-to-month (you can get a cheaper rate if you go with 3 months or more). With how expensive LEGO is, you really are getting a good amount for your money, and if you’re a LEGO fan you’ll be likely be willing to pay just for the fun of getting LEGO goodies each month.

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  • Lucy S December 16, 2015 at 9:03 am

    Oh wow, this looks amazing! I’ve already bought my husband’s Christmas gift for this year, or else I’d be signing him up for this instead! I’ll probably have to save this idea for his birthday… :) LOVE your LEGO art and tree topper!

    • Christi December 17, 2015 at 10:50 pm

      Thanks! My husband tries to inject LEGO wherever possible. :)