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Buying Used Vehicles: Yea or Nay?

portrait of african american car sales consultant with arms folded in showroom

If you’re considering buying a used vehicle and are asked me whether you should or not, you’d get a resounding¬†yes. We’ve owned 8 vehicles between the two of us, and six of those have been used.

We love buying used cars. When you purchase from a good dealership, you know the vehicle will have been thoroughly inspected for any potential problems. And you know that you’ll get much more vehicle for your money, too. If you love the idea of having a navigation system but can’t swing the cost of it as an added feature in a new vehicle, buying a used car with the navigation system is a perfect solution.

I wrote a guest post over on the Fletcher Chrysler blog all about why you should buy used vehicles. Here’s one reason:

Less depreciation of value. A new car can depreciate about 30% in value within the first year you own it, but if you buy a one-year-old car you can take advantage of getting a lower price and minimizing your loss of value.

For more reasons to buy used vehicles, go check out my guest post!

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