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Gourmesso Coffee – Affordable Espresso at Home


My husband loves espresso. When we go to the coffee shop, he gets two shots of espresso put in his coffee. Of course, the drink costs him nearly $5 each time we go!

There are alternatives to coffee shop espresso that are great for home use, like Nespresso machines. We were really excited to get one for our home, because that meant Brian could have espresso whenever he wanted (and it’s great to be able to offer espresso to your guests when entertaining)!

The capsules that come with the machines, though, can still be somewhat pricy. Cheaper than the coffee shop, of course, but the frugal person in me would like to save as much as possible without sacrificing quality.

That’s where Gourmesso comes in. Their capsules are available from just 45 cents each, and they’re compatible for Nespresso machines. The Gourmesso capsules are pictured in the front below next to a Nespresso capsule – you can see they’re the same size & shape.


Did I mention they’re fair trade, too?

We tried out five different flavors:


The flavors are rated on a scale of 1-10 to show how bold/strong they are:


Since Brian likes really strong coffee, the etiopia blend forte is perfect for him. My mother-in-law is visiting this week, though, and the decaf perú dolce was perfect to make for her. Let me show you how easy it is! Just load your machine with water (we keep ours full so the machine is ready to go whenever we need it), and then place your capsule in, then close the handle and select your size.




And voila! You’ve got a perfect cup of espresso ready to serve.


It was a hit with my mother-in-law!


After the espresso is made, you can see how it looks:


The machine punches holes in the foil top, letting hot water flow through the grounds and out the bottom:


Gourmesso provides delicious, affordable espresso, and it’s SO easy, too. We love it and will definitely be ordering more! You can find it on the Gourmesso site, and on Amazon, too.

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