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infanttech smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer for Infants


Note: My sister-in-law received an Infanttech Smart Thermometer to facilitate this post. 

If there’s anything you can remember from the early days of parenthood, it’s probably the overarching feeling of needing to protect your baby in every way possible.

When your child gets sick for the first time, it can be a totally overwhelming feeling. And every degree of fever can be an added level of stress. I can remember several times setting my alarm to wake up periodically through the night to check the kids’ temperature and see if they needed medicine.

The infanttech smarttemp is wearable technology in a different way than one might traditionally think of it; it’s an adhesive thermometer that connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone.


  • Smarttemp is a smart Bluetooth thermometer designed for children where a parent can track body temperaturecontinuously in real time through their smartphone.
  • Get alerts when the temperature rises beyond the threshold and 
  • Receive medicine reminders when it’s time for another dosage.
  • Parents can also share the temperature graph with their Doctor
  • Easy placement underarm with adhesive pad (included)  Can be used for up to 24 hours at a time and is not a one time use.

The smarttemp is easy to use – just download the free smartphone app, place the thermometer under your baby’s arm with the included adhesive pad, and monitor your baby’s temperature from your phone. You’ll receive alerts if your baby’s temperature rises, so you can have the comfort of knowing your baby’s temperature is being monitored even while you sleep.



You can find the smarttemp on the infanttech site, at Kohl’s, or on Amazon, too.


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