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Memories Lost: Avoiding a Wedding Photo Disaster – Frugal Novice

Memories Lost: Avoiding a Wedding Photo Disaster

You and your beloved are planning the celebration of your lifetime together, a day that will provide amazing memories for years to come. After the ceremony, dancing, wonderful food, and time with friends and loved ones, the most lasting part of the day (aside from the marriage!) will be the wedding photos.

Choose Wisely

Expect to pay at least $1,400 for photography services for the day. A reputable wedding photographer knows their craft, but you’re also paying for their limited number of work days available in a year. Cutting the budget too much can bring low-quality results, or even worse, an con artist who will give you horror stories instead of the stunning photos you want. Wedding photographers with a strong track record of professionalism and high quality results are in demand; fees might be $2,100 and up.

Ask about their camera and lenses, plus backup plans in case of equipment malfunction. How do they handle low-light or bad weather situations? Is there an assistant to help capture all the festivities?

Other questions to ask: What are their scheduled hours, and are they available for additional time? Do they carry liability and indemnity insurance? What’s the number of weddings they have photographed? Can you view results from at least three of the weddings they’ve shot?

A Contract is a Must

A formal contract with a photographer is crucial. Not only does it define expectations of all concerned, but also provides remedies should anyone not abide by the agreement. Include all pertinent dates and payment schedules in this document.

You’ll also want to include details about deliverable items: the number of prints included, their sizes, and your album choices. Will photos be available online or on disc, and what is the copyright agreement? Will each individual image receive color correction? Agree on a delivery deadline, and be patient; the studio should not rush through post production work.

If your photographer is a friend – especially if this is the case – do not neglect a contract. You must provide consideration in order to enforce an agreement; there is no recourse for restitution for a gift. It’s worth a visit to the Solicitors Guru website to find assistance from a firm to confirm coverage of all possible issues; this gives a greater chance of getting what you want and avoiding problems later.

If Disaster Strikes

In the unlikely event the worst happens: the photographer does not appear, the memory card is faulty, the studio does not deliver items as promised, or the provider breached the contract in another fashion; what next?

First, collect evidence. Gather the original contract and any items that prove your claim. Draw up a timeline of events. Contact a family law solicitor and present your position. The solicitor will discuss your remedies for compensation. A professional can deal with both parties neutrally, increasing the likelihood of an amenable outcome.


In the majority cases, your wedding will proceed with complication-free joy. Communicate clearly with the service professionals you hire; thorough contracts are the easiest way to smooth the path for a celebration to remember for a lifetime.