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Give Your Office Space Style with Martha Stewart – Frugal Novice

Give Your Office Space Style with Martha Stewart


This is a partnered post with Martha Stewart. All opinions are honest and my own.

Y’all. Don’t judge.

This was my home office space a few weeks ago. I managed, but as you can see my desk was cluttered and not the most appealing place to get work done. It had good bones, but it was calling out for a makeover.


The workspace is in our master bedroom, and giving it a facelift was the first step in giving our whole room an update (stay tuned for more posts to see our progress)!

Martha Stewart has a line of products available at Staples, and the moment I saw the collection I was absolutely in love.


Even just looking at the thumbnails of various setup options you can see these are colorful and striking pieces that create a graphic and bold impact no matter which way you arrange them. I love (like love) teal, and was excited to add some of the color to my workspace.


Check out these great filesfolders, and binders. I can keep my work stuff separate from blogging and freelance materials, and thanks to the great bookplates, I can easily see at a glance where to find anything I need. I love the metal accent – it provides a great high-end look.


And oh my word, the Discbound customizable notebook is practically made for me. Like I mentioned earlier, the teal color speaks to my organizing heart. And the dividers you can add make it easy to set the notebook up just how you want it.


It’s so easy to change things out. And friends, there are pockets so I can have everything I need right at my fingertips. Perfect for work lists, for home lists, for grocery lists.. for anything I need to jot down. It’s a must-have.



This organizer is another favorite. The way I have this set up actually combines three pieces in the Stack+Fit line: the desk organizer, inbox with drawer, and small item holder. There are great compartments for pents, paper, paperclips and more.

Side note – see those Martha Stewart paints? They’ll be featured in an upcoming art project I’m working on for our bedroom. It was easy finding colors that went with the office products, and I picked a few different finishes for added contrast.


Check out these file folders! I’ve never seen vertical file folders like this before, but I adore the idea – it stores papers upright and fits great in the magazine files. The patterns are right up my alley, too – polka dots and stripes are my thing.

Did you see the super cute bulletin boards glimpsing out from behind the file folders? I love the shape of these, and of course the teal border, too. Here’s another look at them, and you can also see the file box underneath my binders – more storage, yay! – and the bookplate lets me easily label what’s inside. This is a great shot showing the overall finished product of my new home office. It’s sleek, fresh, fun, and oh-so-organized. It’s perfect for me and I love working in it! I feel so much more motivated and productive in a space that’s organized and aesthetically pleasing – don’t you?


(In case you can’t remember from the top of the post, here’s what it looked like before. Night and day!


Be sure and check out the Martha Stewart office products at Staples – it’s so easy to get your space looking like it belongs in a magazine spread and you’ll be on your way to being productive and organized!

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