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Our Family is #FriendsWithBeneful! – Frugal Novice

Our Family is #FriendsWithBeneful!


This post is part of an ambassadorship with Beneful. I receive products, information, and compensation as an ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Our dogs are complete opposites from each other. Sally is a labrador/golden retriever mix, and is about 80 pounds. Ninja is a schnauzer/yorkie mix, and is about 12 pounds. She’s HUGE and he’s little. She’s got light fur and his is pitch black.

They couldn’t be better buddies, though. These two love each other, and we love them. They’re a perfect part of our loud, busy, sometimes chaotic family and I just couldn’t imagine our house without them.


If you’re ever looking for these two, just find us. They couldn’t be more loyal companions and they always want to be right where we are (they’re sitting beside me as I write this post!). If I’m walking around the house working on things, I often hear the jingle of both of their collars as they follow right behind.


If the kids are playing a video game in our game room, the dogs are right there with them, kicking back like the best of them.


Sally is the older of our two dogs – she’ll be 5 in July – and she is SO sweet. She loves to “hold hands” and is happiest sitting right beside us with her paw in our hand.




Sometimes she tries to sneak up on the couch, because she totally thinks she’s a lap dog… she usually just succeeds in getting her front paws up before we catch her.


But sometimes when Brian’s mom is visiting, she gets spoiled (because that’s what grandparents do!):


Ninja turned 2 in April and he is really well-behaved for still being a puppy. He doesn’t let his size deter him from holding his own with Sally – they wrestle and play all the time, and he never shies away from messing with his big sister. He’s harder to photograph with his dark fur, so I don’t have as many pics of him – but here’s one of us shopping at a pet store after he got his spring hair cut. So handsome!


Because our dogs are an important part of our family, we want the best for them. We feed our dogs Beneful, and they love it. I’m actually really excited to announce with this post that I’m a Beneful ambassador. It’s great being able to represent a brand that our dogs truly love – and a brand that really works hard to make consumers happy, as evidenced by their newly reformulated dry food recipes. They listen to customer feedback, and that’s part of what makes them a great company.


Ninja likes the IncrediBites for small dogs. His favorite is the real beef, and it’s accented with carrots & peas. All moms want their kids to eat their veggies – even their furry kids!


We feed Sally Beneful Originals with real beef, spinach, peas & carrots.

Sometimes we also like to get the Beneful wet food, too, as a little something special for the dogs.


I’ll be excited to bring you more fun Beneful posts throughout the year – and more adorable dog pics, too! Keep up with Beneful on social media in the meantime:

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