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Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Tagamoto Road Sets Bring Hours of Hot-Rodding Fun!

We received some Tagamoto sets to try out for this review. We weren’t compensated monetarily, and all opinions are honest and our own.

Holiday Gift Guide 2015

It’s never too early to start thinking about what to get your friends & family for Christmas; I personally like to spread shopping out over several months so it’s not a huge hit to our December budget! So, yes, it’s September (October’s just around the corner, though, folks!) but here’s the first of my Hoilday Gift Guide items for 2015 – a fun toy for the kids in your life.

Our boys love playing with cars. I think it’s a pretty timeless favorite for kids everywhere – I can remember my little brother lining cars up for hours and imagining all sorts of scenarios for their various races and situations.

When I first saw Tagamoto road sets at our local Target I thought immediately it was something the boys would have a blast with. Tagamoto is made by the same company who created HexBugs, and those electronic critters were quite popular around our house for a while!

I love that the Tagamoto tracks are very customizable. You get a set of tracks that comes in various types of segments – straight paths, U-turns, curves, etc. and you’re able to assemble it exactly how you like. There are even little dead-end blocks you can put up.


The boys spent a good amount of time figuring out the configuration they wanted for the track. It was fun watching them problem-solve as they figured out the best way to use the most amount of pieces. And we had several sets, so they were able to put together a pretty massive track that spanned most of the length of our dining table.


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