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Gorgeous Custom Wall Art with Canvas on the Cheap

We received canvases for review to facilitate this post. All opinions are honest and are our own.

We’ve lived in our house for several years now, but there are still some spots that aren’t decorated quite how I’d like for them to be. I’m sure you know how it is. Some spaces just get pushed to the bottom of the priority list (master bedroom, am I right?) and some are just tricky spots to work with.

Our living room has a skinny wall space next to the window, and I’ve always struggled a bit with what to put in that spot. I like to hang things that have meaning or are special to us – we have a really fun gumball “machine” my husband made hanging on the left side of the window, which adds a fun pop of color… but I love it most of all because of who made it.

We had family photos we love taken in December and I still hadn’t placed any around the house (whoops!) so I knew I wanted to incorporate those somehow… and then I knew – canvases would be perfect. I didn’t want to do frames for such a skinny space, because then the frame would take up more of the space than the actual image. I went to the Canvases on the Cheap website and used their easy interface to upload my photo and create my custom canvas.

Notice those prices? Y’all, these aren’t special one-time-offer deals. Canvas on the Cheap has, well, cheap canvases all the time. These make perfect gifts for loved ones without breaking the bank. I did three 12″x12″ canvases, which would end up ringing in at under $35. Amazing.

The canvases arrived quickly and well-packaged. I couldn’t wait to get them on the wall – and they fit perfectly in the space. I love them!

The quality of the photo canvases is really great, too – the image extends around the edges (I’m not a fan of canvases where the image stops on the front and just has black around the edges – wrapped images look so much better in my opinion).

And you can see in this close-up shot that the quality of the printing is top-notch, too. The plaid in my son’s shirt is nice and crisp.

We’re so pleased with our Canvas on the Cheap purchase and will definitely be using them again in the future! Go check out their site today – why not treat yourself to a canvas (or more than one… I mean, why not at these prices?). Ahh, I love a good deal!

Project 365 Update

So, it turns out I’m not doing so great with remembering to take a photo every day. I think my project should be called project three-hundred-and-something. When we just had J, it was easy to take multiple photos of him a day. In fact, I think I took almost as many photos when C was little – only because everyone warned me the amount of photos taken shrinks with each subsequent child. But now, even with my phone I forget. I decided not to sweat it, because it isn’t fun if I’m stressing over it like homework in high school. So, without further ado, here are eight pictures taken at some point over the course of the past two weeks. Here’s hoping I’ll do better this coming week!

In this first photo, Brian & J are standing in front of the duck pond at the park I grew up going to (Brian did too… I always wonder if we were ever at the park at the same time throughout the years).

We were insane and decided to take our giant lab/golden retriever puppy, Sally, with us to my parents’ house TWO HOURS AWAY. She acted like you’d expect a giant puppy holed up in a small space to act. She wiggled around pretty constantly and chewed the edge of our floor mat. And our dark carpet got covered in fur. But she sure did have fun!

Monday I was off work for MLK Day, and it was in the 70’s, so I decided to take the boys to the zoo. We had a lot of fun! My little monkeys loved climbing the fence and watching the monkeys at the zoo!

Tuesday night I decided to make Brian’s favorite cookies. There sure is something relaxing about baking cookies… maybe it’s knowing that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor soon after.

We went shopping – for groceries, mind you – and I randomly decided to snap this photo to capture what it’s like going to the store with Brian and the boys. They all three want to stop on the Lego aisle. I’m so outnumbered.

Thursday I got called from the boys’ day care – C was running a high fever, wouldn’t eat his lunch and was acting lethargic. I picked him up and took him to the doctor. The verdict? Strep throat. He was SO pitiful.

Last night some friends braved our sick house and came over to play games. J and C adore their boys, who are much older and are SO sweet to them. J had a blast hanging out with big kids! Of course, he’d group himself into that category too.

This last picture is from tonight – J loves to turn off the lights, pop popcorn and watch a movie. C was asleep, but the rest of us enjoyed an episode of Cat in the Hat before bedtime.

I already know what my photo tomorrow will be – after church we’re going to be putting in some work on finishing our bathroom remodel. Can’t wait to take a picture of our progress!

Are you taking photos (almost) every day? Link up in the comments so I can check your photos out!

Project 365

I take TONS of photos, so committing to this project of taking and sharing one photo every day shouldn’t be a problem for me. Except I already didn’t take one January 1st, so I’m using one from Dec.31 instead. :) After this week I’ll probably post a week’s photos at a time on here, or you can view them on my Flickr stream here. Here are my first three:

January 1: As mentioned, actually taken 12/31, on a 70+ degree day we enjoyed at the park. C had this determined look as he rode, because he really wanted to catch up to his big brother.

January 2: Actually taken by Brian – nothing like a friendship between a boy and his dog!

January 3: Keeping the romance alive- Brian needed to run an errand at lunch so we grabbed our sandwiches and ate them in the car. We lead an exciting life, I know!

Are you participating in Project 365? I’d love to see your pics too – share a link in the comments below!