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Celebrating #Amazinghood with Dreft


This is a compensated post in partnership with Dreft. All opinions are honest and are my own.

As a mom of three kids, I’ve gone through my fair share of Dreft – and I’m betting all of you other moms out there can say the same thing. It’s always been my go-to detergent for my babies because of how gentle it is, and I recommend it to all my friends that are moms-to-be.

Parenthood and babyhood is messy, but those messy and imperfect moments are often the most memorable – don’t you agree? Thanks to Dreft, parents can embrace the mess of #amazinghood. Dreft celebrates babies and parenting and, well, the #amazinghood of motherhood. I got the chance to host a gathering with a couple of my mom friends recently to talk about what we think the most amazing part of motherhood is – and I got to share Dreft goodies with them, too.


My friend Aimee said she thinks the most amazing part of being a parent is watching her kids play pretend, and seeing where their imaginations take them. Sarah said she loves watching her kids grow into their personalities. I love seeing my kids do things for others without being prompted – seeing kindness and thoughtfulness in them really makes me feel like I’m doing my job as a parent!

It was great to get together and chat about parenting, and I got some fun pink snacks to enjoy, too.

Prepping for my @dreft party – so fun! #Amazinghood #motherhood #baby #party #frugalnovice #ad

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Like I mentioned, I got to share Dreft goodies with my friends, too – check out all they got to take home in their goody bags:

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Give Your Baby a #SecondHug with Huggies Little Snugglers


My good friend has an adorable baby boy, and they’ve used Huggies® from the get-go. I knew they’d be glad to get some new Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers to help keep their newborn’s perfect skin clean and healthy. Since I can remember how quickly babies go through diapers, I went to Sam’s Club to get a big box (204!) that should last them a while.


Little Snugglers have a GentleAbsorb Liner with a tiny, soft pillows that provide a cushiony layer of protection between your baby’s skin and the mess, and a color-changing wetness indicator to let you know when your baby’s diaper is ready to be changed. There’s a softer outer cover that’s breathable, and an improved pocketed waistband that keeps all the mess where you want it and helps you avoid blowouts!


Huggies also has Natural Care Wipes that provide a gentle clean for your baby’s naturally perfect skin. Huggies Natural Care® Wipes with TripleClean Layers are thick enough to handle any mess, with a texture that’s soft against your baby’s skin. They have triple clean layers, they’re hypoallergenic, fragrance, and alcohol free, with a touch of aloe and Vitamin E.

Check out this great deal! Buy any two Little Snugglers diapers and/or Natural Care wipes and get a $10 Sam’s Club e-gift card by following these instructions: Buy any two packages of Little Snugglers diapers and/or Natural Care wipes between 5/9/16-6/30/16, snap a photo of your receipt and email/text it to Huggies@ by 7/15/16. You will receive a code and instructions within minutes to get your $10 Sam’s Club e-gift card. You will also get $3 in instant savings off Huggies Diapers at Sam’s Club from 5/11-6/4!


infanttech smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer for Infants


Note: My sister-in-law received an Infanttech Smart Thermometer to facilitate this post. 

If there’s anything you can remember from the early days of parenthood, it’s probably the overarching feeling of needing to protect your baby in every way possible.

When your child gets sick for the first time, it can be a totally overwhelming feeling. And every degree of fever can be an added level of stress. I can remember several times setting my alarm to wake up periodically through the night to check the kids’ temperature and see if they needed medicine.

The infanttech smarttemp is wearable technology in a different way than one might traditionally think of it; it’s an adhesive thermometer that connects via Bluetooth to your smart phone.


  • Smarttemp is a smart Bluetooth thermometer designed for children where a parent can track body temperaturecontinuously in real time through their smartphone.
  • Get alerts when the temperature rises beyond the threshold and 
  • Receive medicine reminders when it’s time for another dosage.
  • Parents can also share the temperature graph with their Doctor
  • Easy placement underarm with adhesive pad (included)  Can be used for up to 24 hours at a time and is not a one time use.

The smarttemp is easy to use – just download the free smartphone app, place the thermometer under your baby’s arm with the included adhesive pad, and monitor your baby’s temperature from your phone. You’ll receive alerts if your baby’s temperature rises, so you can have the comfort of knowing your baby’s temperature is being monitored even while you sleep.



You can find the smarttemp on the infanttech site, at Kohl’s, or on Amazon, too.


Perfect Baby Shower Gift – Diaper Genie Gift Basket


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NurseryMusts  #CollectiveBias

I have lots of friends having babies lately – it seems like it comes in cycles, doesn’t it? With lots of baby showers to shop for, I’ve been trying to get creative with the gifts I give, and I love the idea I’m sharing with you today.

My friend who just had her baby boy also has a two-year-old little girl; this means she has two in diapers, which as you moms know adds up to a LOT of diapers! I knew a Diaper Genie would be perfect for her, so I headed off to Target to grab that and look for a few other things to go with it. Target is our favorite store to shop at – our whole family loves to go – and it’s a one-stop shop for baby gear, too. We had baby registries there with all three of our kids!



We got our Diaper Genie back in 2007 when my first son was born, and I was amazed with all the features the Diaper Genie Complete offers now. It really is the most advanced system yet; it has an ultimate odor lock system that features a 7-layer refill bag with a double Air-Tite clamp. It also includes a carbon filter that really helps absorb diaper odors to keep them from spreading out into your room.


It also has a hands-free system. Yes, you still have to touch the diaper (we can dream, right, moms?) but you just use your foot to press a pedal and open the top, so you drop the diaper right in. SO easy!



Changing the bag on the Diaper Genie is easier than ever, too – you just open the front tilt bin to pull it out.

So, as I mentioned, I knew going to Target to get the Diaper Genie. Next, I just needed to figure out what else to include. I decided to get a bottle, and since she’s nursing I thought the Playtex Baby VentAire bottle would be perfect. The “Most Like Mom” NaturaLatch nipple mimics the breast to help babies latch on naturally, so it promotes easy switching between breast and bottle feeding. It’s also got a unique anti-colic bottom vent, and the angled design helps prevent ear infections.


I got the bottle and then a few cute onesies and a burp cloth to round out my gift! Then it was just time to get home and put it all together.

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Super Cute – and Easy – Diaper Wreath Tutorial


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SnugHugs  #CollectiveBias

One of my good friends at work had a baby a few weeks ago, and we’re planning a baby shower. I’m having way too much fun helping with it – I created onesie-shaped invitations (complete with little bow ties to go with our theme) – and I’ve made a really adorable diaper wreath that will be a great welcoming feature as people arrive.

Diaper cakes have been really popular for a long time now – I’ve made, and received, my fair share of them. I think they’re really fun and can make a perfect table centerpiece, but with this shower I wanted to do something a little more unique.

Diaper wreaths are great on several levels: they, like I mentioned, are placed on the front door and welcome guests to the party. Another pro? The diapers are easy to remove and use. And unlike a diaper cake, you don’t have to find a big surface to store the wreath on when you take it home.

The best part about diaper wreaths, though, is they’re SO easy to make! You just need a few supplies:

  • Rubber bands (I used the little bands my kids had for making bracelets – we have tons of them left over now that the craze has passed).
  • Diapers (I went to Sam’s Club so I could get a big bunch; I had plenty for the wreath and I know my friend will love getting the big box of extras, too). My friend loves the great quality of Huggies Snug & Dry, especially the fact that they provide up to 12 hours of protection and keep her baby’s skin dry!  There’s a great deal for $7 off at Sam’s right now on Ibotta (get it for yourself here), so that was a total win!
  • Huggies-Diapers-Sams-DiaperWreathStacks-Diapers-Huggies
  • Assorted ribbon
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Wreath shape (I bought one made out of MDF but you could cut a shape out of cardboard, foam core, or another material you have on hand)

Now let’s get on to how to assemble the wreath!

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Five Must-Haves for the Perfect Diaper Bag


You’ve probably seen my recent Pregnancy & Baby posts featuring products for new moms – with my new nephew being born in October, babies are on my brain.

Our gift to my sister-in-law was actually a diaper bag, which I think is arguably one of the most important things to get when you have a baby – there’s so much to bring along with you, especially when you’re dealing with a newborn.

Equally important to the diaper bag is the contents of the diaper bag. It can be a little  overwhelming at first trying to figure out what you really need to include and what’s not that crucial, so I decided to put a list together showcasing five must-haves for the perfect diaper bag.

1. Diapers.

Kiiiiind of a no-brainer, especially considering that the name of the bag is a diaper bag. Make sure you have plenty, especially in the first few months. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you go through them in the early stages!

Huggies Little Snugglers are a perfect option. They have GentleAbsorb liner and wetness indicator, which has tiny pillows that provide a cushiony layer of protection between your baby’s skin and moisture. For new babies, these are great because they have an umbilical cord cut-out that protects belly buttons as they heal. And you don’t have to worry about leaks – Leak Lock protects for up to 12 hours, and there’s a pocketed back waistband to help keep runny messes inside.

I found a great deal on these at Sam’s Club, which is a great place to stock up since you know you’re going to need a lot!



Check out how many came in the box – that’ll last you a while, even with a ton of diaper changes!


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Dreft is More Than Just Laundry Detergent


I received samples of Dreft cleaning supplies to facilitate this post. All opinions are honest and my own.


When I was pregnant with our first son back in 2007 I remember learning early on that I should wash all our baby clothes with Dreft since it was formulated especially with newborn’s sensitive skin in mind.

Now Dreft has expanded beyond just laundry detergent to a line of baby-safe cleaning products.


Their all purpose cleaner and wipes are great for keeping surfaces clean before your baby accesses them, and the odor eliminator will definitely come in handy with all those stinky diapers {amiright?}.


You can find the cleaner, wipes and odor eliminator in stores nationwide, and online too. 

Motorola Digital Monitor Keeps You Connected Near & Far


I received an MBP853CONNECT2 monitor to facilitate this review. All opinions are honest and are my own.


Before I had kids, I had no idea how wonderful monitors are. Before I had to literally crawl out of my son’s nursery to avoid waking him up after checking on him, I didn’t realize how nice it would be to have a way to check in on your baby from the other room.

Now our kids are 8, 6, and 3 – and I still use the monitor to check on them! So, since I fully appreciate the need for a good monitor, I knew my sister-in-law Lauren would need one. The Motorola MBP853CONNECT2 has all sorts of features that parents will love.


The monitor retails for $309.00 and comes with:

  • 3.5″ Color LCD screen parent unit
  • 2 Cameras (audio/video/Wi-Fi)
  • Power adapter x 3 (parent and camera units)
  • Rechargeable battery pack (parent unit)
  • User’s Guide
  • Quick Start Guide

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Medela is a Must-Have for Moms (Their App is, Too!)


I received a Medela Freestyle Breastpump Deluxe Kit, lanolin, and nursing pads  to facilitate this post. I was not compensated monetarily, and all opinions are honest and are my own.

When I found out my sister-in-law Lauren (who really might as well just be my sister – love her!) was expecting her first baby, I immediately started thinking of the gear she’d need. As any mom can tell you, there is so much out there on the market and it can be hard to weed through it to find quality products.

Medela is a brand many people equate with breastfeeding and pumping. I remember it being the first brand I really heard about as an expectant mom, and it’s got a great reputation for well-made pumps and more. When I was in the hospital with each of my kids, I used a hospital-grade Medela pump – and loved it, so it was a no-brainer that I’d recommend a Medela pump for Lauren. The Medela Freestyle Breastpump Deluxe Kit has everything a new mom could want – check out all it comes with:


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What’s Your #ClutchStyle?



My sister-in-law, Lauren,  just had her first baby last Monday (and oh my word, he is cute!), and I’ve been on the hunt for must-have baby gear for her. Of course, everyone knows wipes are an essential – I can’t even begin to imagine how many wipes we’ve gone through with our three children!


Huggies Natural Care Wipes are hypoallergenic and 99% water based. They provide the ultimate skin care for babies’ naturally perfect – and sensitive – skin. I went to Sam’s Club to get some for Lauren – they sell a pack with 864 wipes, which comes with a tub and a super-cute (and exclusive!) members-voted clutch. I love shopping at Sam’s for baby items – in fact, I took another trip recently and found a ton of baby gear, all at great prices. From baby clothes to toys to all the essentials like wipes, Sam’s Club is a great one-stop shop for all things baby. If you don’t have a membership yet, find out more about how easy it is to join.

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