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Hasbro Stocking Stuffers Fun For All

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Note: We received a variety of Hasbro toys to facilitate this post. I was not compensated monetarily for this post. All opinions are honest and are my own.

When it comes to stockings, I like to fill them with things I know my kids will play with for a long time. It’s easy to be tempted by all the knick knacks that fill the aisles at Christmastime, but I think we all know those end up breaking or being discarded within a week or two after the holidays.

Hasbro has a ton of toys and games; I know we’ve already got many Hasbro items in our house. But did you know they have a lot of stocking stuffer options perfect for your kids?

Since the kids don’t read my blog yet (I’m sure one day they totally will) I can share with you some of what they’ll be getting in their stockings.


J, our 7-year-old, will be getting a Transformer from the new Age of Extension Transformers movie – it can convert from a great robot action figure into a vehicle in just one step, which is great and frustration-free! These retail for $9.99 each. He’ll also be getting Star Wars Rebels action figures, which he’ll be thrilled about because he loves that show!  These also retail for $9.99 each. He’ll love playing with both of these toys for a long time to come!


C, our 5-year old, will be getting a Transformers Rescue Bots set – it comes with a robot and a female character from the show. I love the idea of him having a great female action figure to play with! These retail for $6.99. He’ll also be getting the classic game Barrel of Monkeys. I loved playing this growing up, so it’s fun to pass it along for our kids to play too! I can imagine there will be a lot of creative play with the monkeys, too. This game retails for $4.99.


The boys will love playing with this Marvel Battle Masters Challengers toy, too – we got Captain America but there’s also Spider-Man, Wolverine and Thor to pick from. These retail for $14.99 each.

Hasbro also makes wonderful stocking stuffers for girls, too, like these:


The Littlest Pet Shop animals are just $2.99 each and are adorable fun! There are 24 pets to collect. And the My Little Pony POP starter kit lets kids pop out and build any of four My Little Pony Pop characters; they can personalize each pony with pop-on manes and stickers. These retail for just $3.99 each, making them a really affordable choice!

Hope these ideas help you with all your last-minute stocking shopping! Happy holidays, everyone!

Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

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Note: This is a partnered post with Shopular. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Can you believe it? Christmas Eve is TOMORROW. That’s right, folks – there’s not much time left to get all your shopping done so you can be ready for the big day! We keep thinking we’re finished, but then we’ll think of another item we’ve forgotten. Case in point – we went to dinner tonight and remembered a gift we’d forgotten, and had to run to Walmart (which, by the way, was pure chaos).

If you’re not done with your shopping, you’ve really got no choice but to go out and get those last-minute items; it’s too late to shop online and hope it’ll arrive in time!

Be sure to go through your recipient list and make a comprehensive list of what all you need so that if you have to get out and do more shopping, at least you can consolidate it as much as possible.

And of course, keep an eye out for the best deals – don’t get so anxious to find something that you end up paying more than you need to! Check the (free!)  Shopular app to see what deals are available at stores around you before you head out, and you’ll know where to go to find the best price on what you need.



Be sure and keep up with Shopular on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, too, so you’re  in the know about any shopping deals, in the holiday season or year-round! 

Five Ideas for Perfect Stocking Stuffers Your Kids will Actually Use!

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Note: This is a partnered post with Shopular. All opinions are honest and are my own.

I have an announcement to make:

We are almost done with Christmas shopping.

I can hardly believe it myself, but it’s true. We started a little of our shopping way back in October, and now – with more than two weeks to spare – we just have a few little things left to purchase.


Of course, if you’re like us you put stockings off until the last minute – and then it can be a real challenge trying to figure out what to include! In years past we would find random little toys, but we’ve learned to be a little more discerning with what we pick so that we don’t end up with a lot of clutter the kids don’t play with anyway.

Here are five things we like to purchase for stocking stuffers:

  • A fun toothbrush. Since our kids don’t read my blog I can safely tell you the boys will each be getting light saber toothbrushes that actually light up, and E will be getting a princess brush. If your kids are young enough to be using kids’ toothpaste still, you can find fun themed toothpaste, too.
  • Change!  The “gold” dollars are perfect to fit in the toe of the stocking, and in our house that’s what the tooth fairy leaves too so I guess it’s common “magical” currency.
  • Fresh pack of crayons and a small sketchbook – we have an overabundance of crayons in our house, but I can still remember from my childhood that there’s just nothing quite like a brand new box of crayons. Small sketchbooks are great for taking in the car or to church.
  • LEGOs. And it doesn’t have to be a tiny set, either. Just take the bags and the instructions out of the box to make it easier to fit in the stocking. Our kids love them and they get a ton of use year-round.
  • Dominos or a card game – Crazy 8’s, Go Fish, Phase 10 and many other games are fun for the whole family!

Whatever you decide to get for your kids’ stockings this year, be a smart Santa and check around for the best deals – Shopular is an easy way to check for sales and save some money while you finish up everything on your list.



I keep up with Shopular on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, too, so I’m in the know about any shopping deals, especially around the holiday season! 

Coupon for 82% off Custom Canvases Nov.27-30!

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Note: I will be working with Picture it on Canvas to review a canvas in an upcoming post, and will receive a canvas to facilitate that review. This post is not compensated monetarily, and all opinions are honest and my own.



I love photos, especially of my three kids. But all too often I am horrible about actually printing these great photos out, and they end up just sitting on my computer! That won’t be the case after this week, when I plan to take advantage of a great coupon code at Picture It On Canvas!

We have one canvas in our house that’s from two years ago, but it’s about time we update our art and get a new family photo on the wall. Kids change so quickly, and E looks entirely different at 2 than she did at not-quite-one!
Picture It On Canvas has graciously provided me with a coupon code to share with my readers that will give you 82% off your purchase.

Just enter PIOC82 at checkout and you’ll be good to go!

Don’t forget, though, that this code is only good from Nov.27-30, so don’t miss out on the savings!
You can also find other great photo gift ideas beyond canvases – everything from decorative throws to baking pans, serving trays, and phone cases. Everyone loves photos, so you can’t go wrong with a great custom photo gift that’s unique to the recipient. The only problem you’ll have is narrowing down which photos to print!


#GiveHappy with OshKosh this Holiday Season

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Note: I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’gosh. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.



love this time of year. Christmas, and the weeks approaching it, are just such happy times for me and my family, and I adore all the memories we make and traditions we uphold.

One thing we really try to instill in the kids this time of year is a sense of giving, because it can easily turn into a focus on receiving. Last year we started a tradition of doing random acts of kindness on Christmas Eve. It was SO much fun for the kids, and they learned how happy it made them to give to others. It’s great when you see your kids starting to understand that they can spread happiness to others with their actions.


OshKosh is all about giving happy, which makes sense since they’re pretty good at it! When we were trying to figure out what the kids should wear for Christmas pictures this year, OshKosh was my go-to choice for finding pieces that would be perfect.



I got the boys matching navy & white henley tops with a green long-sleeved tee to wear underneath, and each of them got a new pair of dark wash jeans, too.


E got an adorable cardigan (so adorable that I really want one in my size!) that’s navy with white polka dots and pink trim, plus a great pair of jeans that are lined with pink fleece. Cozy and cute! Won’t those outfits look great together for a photo? We wanted something casual with pops of color, and these clothes from OshKosh were just the answer.

We love doing Christmas pictures for our cards, of course, but the photos are also a great way to give happy to the grandparents. When we asked Brian’s mom what she wanted for Christmas, for example, her response was “pictures!”

I really did have a hard time picking out clothes from OshKosh, only because I loved so many different things that it was hard to narrow down my choices! Check out some of the other great looks available right now and you’ll see what I mean:





Find your closest store location here or you can always shop online!

I hope you’ll embrace the idea to give happy this holiday season. #GiveHappy by giving things like:

  • Hugs
  • Smiles
  • Cookies
  • Praise
  • Parties
  • Fun
  • Time
  • Love
  • Laughs

Because giving happiness is really the best gift of all!

I do have one last thing to give you in this post – a great coupon for 25% off your purchase of $30 or more! Happy shopping, and don’t forget to give happy!

H14 Mom Blog Coupon

Black Friday Survival Guide

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Note: This is a partnered post with Shopular. All opinions are honest and are my own.


Black Friday arrives next week, and people will be out in full force searching for amazing deals on everything from televisions to pajamas. I’ve been a Black Friday shopper for over a decade now, and have picked up some tips to make your experience more pleasant. There will always be crazy people out there who fight over items, but in all the years I’ve shopped I’ve had a great experience 99% of the time. Here are a few tips to help your Black Friday shopping go as smoothly as possible:

  1. TEAMWORK! Trust me, don’t go Black Friday shopping alone. It’s pretty essential to have a wingman – or two, if possible. Ideally, have one friend (or your spouse) volunteer to be your driver, so you can be dropped off and picked up without having to worry about finding parking. The driver can also keep the car nice and toasty. I’ve seen some people stand in line outside stores, and then right before doors open their driver will swing by and pick up chairs, coats, and blankets so the shoppers don’t have to carry them into the store. Which reminds me…
  2. Come prepared to keep warm & comfortable. A couple of years ago my friend Chemese and I went to Old Navy for a free video game they were giving the first 50 shoppers. We got there and quickly realized that standing for an hour or two wasn’t going to be all that fun. I drove to my house, grabbed some camping chairs, blankets, and magazines, and then we were able to wait in comfort with entertainment at our fingertips. Since we were there together, I could run and put up all our items before the store opened while Chemese held our spot in line. It’s a great idea to have items with you – coats, blankets, chairs, magazines, hand warmers, snacks and drinks are all must-haves. We’ve even seen people come with a portable heater before! Also: Charge your phone while you’re driving because your battery will end up draining as you browse, and it will end up dying at the most inopportune time if you’re not prepared.
  3. Plan, plan, plan. Map out where you want to go. Prioritize deals so you can figure out which stores are must-haves and which aren’t as important to you. Shopular is a great app that shares deals year-round, but right now they have a special Black Friday section that makes it incredibly easy to see all the Black Friday ads on your phone.
    With Shopular, you can save deals and coupons to easily access later, and one of my favorite aspects is people can comment – crowdsourcing can give you SO much information and answer questions you have. Take the Old Navy ad, for instance – you’ll see above that it has 34 comments – people asked questions and got them answered all within the Shopular app.
    You can keep up with Shopular on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, too for other Black Friday details and for shopping info in general.
  4. Make a list. Sometimes two stores might have similar deals. If you buy board games at Target, and forget and buy them at WalMart too, you’ll end up having to make a trip back later for returns (which we all know is a pain). Make a list of everything you intend to buy, and then you can mark it off as you make purchases. You can also use the list to keep you on track. Let’s say you see a Keurig and are thinking about going ahead and spending $100 to get it; if you look at your list and see everything else you’re going to be spending money on, you might be more likely not to spend that extra money.
  5. Realize it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get an item. I think the thrill of the hunt is a lot of fun, but I never go in to Black Friday shopping with the attitude that I absolutely have to get something. There are some crazy good deals out there, but the items themselves will still be around after Black Friday, and there’s no point in getting stressed if items you want are all snatched before you arrive at the store.
  6. Random acts of kindness make the experience better for everyone. Black Friday shopping involves a lot of waiting in line. Bring snacks or drinks that you can share with people waiting near you to help make their wait a little better, too. Or better yet, bring something for the people working. Many of the store employees you encounter would rather be at home with their families, so brighten their day with a snack or a $5 Sonic or Starbucks gift card to use once they get off work. When so much focus is on buying, it’s nice to interject a little thoughtfulness and kindness into the mix, don’t you think?

I hope your shopping experience for Black Friday is great, and above all I hope your Thanksgiving is a day spent with those you love reflecting on all you’re thankful for!

Five Tips for Organized, Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

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Note: This is a partnered post with Shopular. All opinions are honest and are my own.

The holidays will be here before we know it. I’m still slightly in denial that it’s already almost mid-November (which reminds me, I really need to order our turkey!) but I know from prior years’ experience that I want to stay on top of my holiday gift shopping this year. I like to be able to relax and enjoy the holidays with my family, and don’t want to be stressed, rushing around last minute hunting for items (or cramming all that extra spending in a two-week window). Here are some tips that have helped me become more organized, and hopefully your holiday shopping will benefit from them too.


Holiday gift shopping is typically such a happy, relaxing, peaceful experience, right?

  1. Start now. Ok, if you’re reading this post on December 23, start a little over a month ago. But if you’re reading this in November, or even in the beginning of October, now is your time. Procrastination is not your friend when it comes to holiday shopping. Even if it feels a little ridiculous to be doing Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, you’ll be patting yourself on the back as you see other people rushing around last minute.
  2. Make a spreadsheet. I love lists. Like, love lists. So making a spreadsheet with our holiday gift plan is right up my alley, and makes me happy. You might share my passion for list-making, but keeping track of everyone you need to shop for and how much you’ve budgeted is very helpful. Our spreadsheet includes a list of recipients, how much we are budgeting to spend on each person, and ideas for what we might want to get. You can start your spreadsheet as early as you want and use it as a place to jot down ideas as you hear your mother-in-law talk about that knife set she wants, for instance.
    I also like to add columns in our spreadsheet for what we have actually purchased and how much we spend. This helps us figure out if we’re going overboard, if we need to increase our budget, and makes sure we don’t accidentally forget anyone’s gifts.
  3. Actively seek out sales and discounts. It is SO easy to get in over your head with holiday spending, especially if you haven’t set aside money for it throughout the year (that’ll be on my to-do list for next year… we still kind of stink at that!). Stores this time of year offer all sorts of sales and discounts and now is the time to take advantage of them.
    I’ve discovered an app called Shopular that is my favorite shopping tool. It’s a free app I downloaded on my iPhone, and it puts discounts right at my fingertips. I can select my favorite stores that I want to receive info on, and I can even set it up to receive sales notifications when I’m near a store. The other day I was by Kohl’s and Shopular sent me a notification about a sale ending soon – I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise!
    Shopular also lets you easily browse weekly circulars on your phone. Each Sunday approaching the holidays I like to look through and see if there are any sales on gift items we’re looking for. We don’t take the newspaper anymore, so it’s an easy way to quickly see what discounts are out there and take advantage of the ones that fit our shopping list (see, told you that spreadsheet would be useful!). You can keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, too.
  4. Trim down your list. Again, spreadsheets for the win! Once you create your list of people to shop for, you can easily get a feel for if you are simply buying for too many people. It’s lovely to give, but it’s not always feasible to give to everyone. On a scale of 1-10, rate how crucial it is that you buy for each person. Those that rate 5 or lower might be ones to reconsider for this holiday season. Or, if you really feel like you can’t trim down your list, categorize them into groups based on how much you plan to spend, then see if you can come up with an economical gift to purchase in bulk (i.e. a group of iTunes gift cards at Sam’s or Costco).
    Even if you’re not trimming down the number of people you’re shopping for, you can trim down how much you’re spending. You can assemble cute gift baskets with popcorn, candy, and a RedBox gift card for just a few dollars – and I’m a big fan of homemade gifts, too. A spice cake packaged nicely and tied up with ribbon can make a delicious gift for your mailman, for instance, without breaking the bank.
  5. Buy this year for the next. We don’t do this for people that are in our family, or anyone we want to buy a specific gift. But if you find a great deal on a generic gift item, it can be really helpful to stock up now and have them on hand next year to have a head start when you enter in to holiday shopping season. You can also do post-Christmas shopping and find heavily discounted items that make great gift add-ons or stocking stuffers.

Happy shopping, friends! I hope you’re able to enjoy the spirit of giving with as little stress as possible, and that you have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family. It’ll be here before we know it!

Tieks Review

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Like any other girl, I love a good pair of shoes. More specifically, though, I love a great pair of flats that will not kill my feet as I go to work, as I grocery shop, as I go out on a date with my husband, or as I chase after my three kids.

Tieks first drew my interest last year after I saw ads on Facebook (they clearly targeted their ads to the correct demographic, because I think I clicked over to their site after seeing the very first ad). I loved the signature blue accents – the soles of the shoes, and a stripe down the back of each one – and was really curious about how a shoe with a split sole would work for me.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 2.02.24 PM

When I went to shop at their store, which they cleverly named “The Boutiek,” I spent a good bit of time just scrolling through all the options – there are a ton. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do something really bold, like a red, or if I wanted to get something more neutral that I could wear with a wider variety of outfits.

In the end, practicality won out and I went with chestnut – but I still get to have some fun with the pops of blue.

As you can see above, the box that holds the shoes is pretty small. Like, so small you might think there’s no way shoes could be inside. But they’re there, folded up and waiting neatly for you.


Part of the appeal of Tieks is that they’re compact; they come with a bag to house them in, so you could easily carry these along with you in your purse and put them on if you need to switch to more comfortable shoes, for instance (they also come with a larger bag for you to put your other pair of shoes into once you switch to your Tieks).


Once you unfold the shoe there’s a bit of a bend to it, but these are pliable and fit right to my foot once I put them on. And, sigh… I really do love that blue stripe on the back. So cute.





So, you’ve seen how they look, but style is only half of the equation. How did they feel, you ask?

In a word, comfy.

I have had many shoes that leave blisters on my feet the first time or two I wear them, but my Tieks were comfortable from the very start. You can slightly see the impression of my big toes, but the shoes didn’t feel tight at all and I know that over time the leather will stretch out a bit.


I was really impressed with the quality of these shoes. Tieks aren’t cheap – for my budget, they’re somewhat of an investment shoe. I read some other reviews talking about how well these hold up, though, and I feel like these are flats I’ll wear again and again for years to come. The Italian leather is supple and soft, the color is really rich, and they’re comfortable to walk around in all day long.

I had wondered how the split sole would fare comfort-wise, and I really didn’t notice it at all. I also wondered if the blue soles would get dirty quickly, but here’s what they looked like after two days of wear:


I really love my Tieks, and I’m glad I added these to my collection. Part of what I’m learning as I get older is that purchasing fewer high-quality pieces is a wiser choice than purchasing a bunch of cheap things that don’t last long at all. Quality over quantity, friends!

Free Shopular App Puts Deals At Your Fingertips!

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Note: This is a compensated post. All opinions are honest and are entirely my own, unaffected by compensation.



Being a bargain lover, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money while shopping. We regularly check store circulars, and I love a good coupon! Of course, half the time I forget to bring coupons with me, which is just one of the reasons I’m kind of in love with the Shopular app.

  • Shopular is a FREE top rated shopping app and has over 25,000 5-star reviews
  • Over 4 Million shoppers already use Shopular to save!
  • Shopular has over 40,000 of the top retail locations in the US in the app like Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and Macy’s
  • Shopular allows you to select your favorite stores so you never see unwanted deals
  • When you are close to one of your favorite stores or just arriving at the mall, Shopular shows you all of the deals happening that are relevant to you
  • Consider Shopular your personalized deal concierge, never letting you miss a deal!?

I always have my phone with me, so consolidating deals and circulars in one clean, consumer-friendly, easy-to-navigate app is incredibly appealing.

photo 1

When I open the app on my phone, I’m able to quickly scroll through deals for stores that I’ve pre-selected as ones I shop at. I don’t have to filter through tons of listings to find what I like; the app does that for me. AND I selected to receive push notifications from the app, which means if I’m near Kohl’s, for example, I’ll get a message from Shopular letting me know about any sales or deals going on at Kohl’s. LOVE.

photo 2

As I mentioned, though, I can also browse through weekly circulars. This is SO useful, because it’s much easier than navigating to each store’s site and trying to find the circular there; many stores don’t have mobile-friendly circulars and it can be a pain, but the Shopular app makes it easy.

photo 3

I also like the social aspect of the app – commenting is pretty active within the Shopular community, and it means I might find out about other bargains that shoppers have seen (i.e. a certain item on clearance at Target).

You can download the (FREE) app from the Apple store, and be sure and keep up with Shopular on their social media channels, too:

Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Pinterest  |  Tumblr
And don’t miss out on this fun contest for Halloween! I love DIY costumes and can’t wait to see the entries!

Say YES to Even More Savings with Kohl’s! {$250 Kohl’s Gift Card Giveaway}

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Note: I received a Kohl’s gift card to try out the Yes2You program and to facilitate this post. All opinions are honest and are my own. 


Our family loves Kohl’s. It has something for everyone – clothes, shoes, toys, kitchen gadgets, electronics and more. And of course, being the bargain-lover that I am, I always have fun shopping Kohl’s sales. Since we’re already such loyal Kohl’s customers, I was pretty excited to learn about their new loyalty program, Yes2You Rewards™.

The Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards™ program offers customers the opportunity to add even more value to their shopping experience with Kohl’s by earning points on every purchase – both in store and online at Kohls.com. With Yes2You Rewards, members will receive eight offers per year, a birthday gift, and opportunities to earn bonus points and surprises along the way. Additionally, there is no limit on points earned and no cost to join.

Yes2You Rewards is simple:

  • Save: Members receive one reward point for every one dollar spent – regardless of how they pay –and a $5 reward for every 100 points earned. In addition, members will be notified of opportunities to earn bonus points on their purchase for even more savings.
  • Share: For members who are in the giving spirit, Yes2You Rewards points can be shared with friends and family members who are also enrolled in the program. Alternatively, points can be donated to Kohl’s Cares to support children’s health and education initiatives nationwide.
  • Surprise: We would tell you more, but that would ruin the surprise!

Customers can enroll in Yes2You Rewards at any Kohl’s store nationwide, online at Kohls.com/Rewards or by downloading the Kohl’s app on any smart phone. Once signed into their Kohl’s account, Yes2You members will be able to easily track, redeem or share points.

When I first signed up for the Yes2You program, I got an email from Kohl’s sharing my first reward – 15% off my total purchase! So of course I couldn’t wait to get shopping – want to see all my finds?


Zak Recycled Melamine Mixing Bowl Set – Loooooove these!


Our five-year-old saw this ornament and fell in love with it, so we had to get it. Can’t wait to fill it with a photo of our two sweet pups!


Little E loves Minnie Mouse, and she literally squealed in excitement when I showed her these PJ’s. Love the ruffles and the polka dots!


And on the Minnie mouse kick, we found these cute sippy cups – practical and fun!


I got two sets of these Mario PJ’s (one for each of the boys) – and each set comes with two pairs of pajamas!


Shhh! Don’t tell E but we got part of her Christmas present right behind her back! This Leap Frog laptop was on sale, and I know she’ll love it!


We also found these sweet plush Elsa & Anna dolls we’ll save for her stocking.


I found her this cute Ariel gown, too – love the teal color and the sweet ruffles around the wrists!


Minecraft shirt for C – he could not wait to wear this, even though the weather doesn’t really warrant long sleeves yet. Total hit!


J picked out a Pokemon shirt and was thrilled to have found it! I have a feeling this will be worn a lot this fall and winter.


I’ve got to admit, although it’s cute, this haunted house isn’t my style. But the kids? They fell. in. love. I couldn’t resist getting it, and now it occupies a place of honor on our dining table. Seeing how excited they get every time we turn the window lights on made me fall a little in love with this house, too!

All in all I spent right around $250, and so on top of the $50 Kohl’s cash I earned, I also got $10 through the Yes2You program! I’m a huge fan. And now you can even load your Kohl’s cash right into the Kohl’s app for your iPhone, so you’ve always got it with you whenever you get the urge to shop.

I’m pretty excited to give one of you the chance to go on a great Kohl’s shopping spree by giving away a $250 Kohl’s gift card (and we all know that with Kohl’s sales and offers that $250 will go really far)! Be sure and sign up for the Yes2You Rewards program first, so you can get started earning rewards next time you shop.

How will you say YES to Kohl’s? Tell me below and get entered for your chance to win the $250 Kohl’s gift card!

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Summer Savings with Healthy Essentials!

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Note: This post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent me a box of products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them.



We’re going to be heading to the beach soon, and I’ve already started thinking about what all we need to pack. Sunscreen tops the list, especially for my pale-skinned family, but with three active kids I’ll definitely want to have a first aid kit along just in case.

Thankfully I can find all my summer must-haves at a discount, which is especially great considering all the other expenses that go along with summer travel!  Now we’re all set for our trip.

Check out the great savings you can find – these are just a few of the great coupons you can score on HealthyEssentials.com this summer for more than $45 in savings:

  • Save $1.00 on any (1) NEUTROGENA® Sun product (excludes trial size)
  • Save $2.00 on any (3) NEOSPORIN®, NEOSPORIN® ESSENTIALS, BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive bandages, BENADRYL® Topical or JOHNSON and JOHNSON RED CROSS® Brand products (excludes all trial and travel sizes, First Aid Kits, 10 ct Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, and On-the-Go First Aid Kits). Must buy (2) different brand products to qualify for this offer along with a third product
  • Save $1.00 on any (1) SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener Product
  • Save $1.00 on any (1) LISTERINE® SMART RINSE Anti-cavity Mouthwash, 500 ml
  • Save $1.00 on any LUBRIDERM® product
  • Save $1.00 on any (1) CLEAN & CLEAR® product (excludes trial and travel sizes)
  • Save $1.00 on any (1) REACH® Total Care Floss, or REACH® Gentle Gum Care Floss, or REACH® Dentotape® or REACH® Access® Flosser
  • Save $3.00 on any (1) REMBRANDT® Whitening Kit or Strip or any (2) REMBRANDT® Whitening Paste or Rinse
  • Save $1.00 on any (1) VISINE® product, 5 oz. or larger

Vacation plans are set, but are you ready for summer? Make sure you’re prepared with all the essentials you’ll need, so you and your family can enjoy the great outdoors and a great vacation. Be proactive about protecting your skin! Take advantage of the savings at HealthEssentials.com and stock up today!

Dressing Smart for Family Days Out

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On an everyday basis, you probably dress your kids in clothes from discount retailers, second-hand shops, and wardrobe pieces that their older brothers, sisters, and cousins have already outgrown. There is definitely no harm in wanting to find ways to save on the cost of kids’ clothing; after all, they grow too quickly to make a serious investment in their daily wardrobe!AlexAndAlexaDress

But every now and again, it’s okay to splurge on smart clothing for your kids. Whether you’re headed to a friend’s wedding this summer or a holiday party later this year, dressing your kids in designer clothing can actually make them look and feel more mature and stylish. The reason? They’ll notice a difference between the type of clothes they usually wear—trainers, jeans, and jumpers—and the type of clothes they’re wearing for your day out with the family—dress shirts, vests, trousers, dresses, leggings, jackets, smart shoes, etc. Plus, they’ll enjoy the attention they get from adult admirers who see them in stunning Mayoral clothes on your days out with the family. This praise from adults will go a long way in helping them distinguish special occasion clothes from everyday clothes as well.

Another reason to get on-board with the “couture for kids” trend is that designer clothing is made from higher quality fabrics than your average children’s garments. These higher grade fabrics tend to be both more durable and more comfortable for your kids. That means that while you will spend more money for these pieces up-front, you won’t have to replace them as often as you would replace clothing and accessories from discount retailers. You can rest easy in the knowledge that the new designer jackets you bought your children will keep them warm through the fall and winter months and that those designer boots will keep their feet dry (and clean!) when they’re splashing through puddles on their walk to the bus stop or their afternoon recess on the playground.

Even for kids, clothing can make a very important statement about their personalities. Teaching your kids early about fashion can help them form a stronger sense of identity throughout their childhood years—and train them to have a more aesthetic eye, to boot! Of course, it is important to teach your kids that designer clothing requires special care. Remind your kids that they need to be especially aware of dirt and messes when they’re clad in smart clothing so that those brand name vests and dresses aren’t instantly ruined by the spills and stains of childhood. When designer clothes are treated as special wardrobe pieces, they can go a long way in making your kids feel stylish while teaching them a little responsibility in the process.