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Crazy 8 Lets You Shine Your Way for the Holidays!

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I love shopping for my kids’ clothes, but the majority of the time I’m buying casual clothes for school and playing. When the holidays roll around it’s always fun finding some special clothes for them to wear to church and other holiday events.

Crazy 8 makes it really easy to find fun, cool looks for all three of the kids. And this time around I decided to take advantage of layering to add even more versatility to the outfits I purchased.

For E, I know she loves anything that shimmers and sparkles, so I got her this sparkle star tee and paired it with a gold metallic skirt. I finished the outfit off with gold sparkle tights and black ankle boots.

So cute, right?

If E wants to be a little warmer and add some black to tie in to her boots, she can layer in a fuzzy sparkle cardigan. I love that all of these pieces are separates – it makes for easy mixing and matching!

My boys are 20 months apart, but at the moment they wear the same size clothes – this means their outfits go the extra mile because I can mix pieces between the two of them. I kept this in mind when I chose their clothes, and all the items work great together for even more versatility.

I know J likes to be comfortable even when he’s dressed up, so I kept that in mind when picking his outfit. I got him a flannel buffalo plaid/gingham shirt and grey Rocker jeans with these dressed-up looking herringbone sneakers (I got a pair for C, too – they’re perfect for both of them!).

To change up J’s look a little I also got the Tie Sweater – it’s a fun way to make his outfit a little dressier looking without making him actually wear a tie.

C is art-minded and a little more adventurous in what he’ll wear (he’s worn ties – by choice – to school on several occasions!) so I picked for him a polka dot shirt (which would also look awesome with the tie sweater pictured above), Rocker cords, and those herringbone sneakers I mentioned earlier.

For his added element I knew right away what I wanted to get – this diamond pattern vest. It adds something a little funky to the outfit – and C loves vests. The vest would also look great with the red shirt from J’s outfit, don’t you think?

Check out all the awesome styles at Crazy 8 (they even have great outfit suggestions that will get you started if you have a hard time figuring out what works well together). What’s your favorite Crazy 8 look?

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