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Items to ALWAYS Check Before Driving

This is a sponsored post partnered with Akins Jeep Ram. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Before driving off down the road, there are a few things you should ALWAYS check before departing. People tend to be more aware of these types of things on long road trips, but these are important even when going down the block. Following these safe guidelines will help ensure you make it to your destination without incident.


This is always a key thing to do before driving anywhere. Walk around your vehicle before getting inside, paying particular attention to the ground around your car or truck. You never know who or what might have been near it recently, such as kids with bikes that they left on the ground, or a family pet that might be resting nearby. By checking around your vehicle, you help make sure that no obstacles might be in your blind spot once you’re inside your car.

In addition to checking around your vehicle, also pay attention to the condition of the exterior of your car. Do you notice any damage to your car, such as a dent or scratch you haven’t remember seeing recently? How can you be sure that it is in fact new, or if it is something that has been present without you noticing it for quite some time? It’s also good to check and make sure no parts of the vehicle are potentially damaged to the point that they might be a hazard to yourself or other drivers. You should also take note of any of your tires that could be flat or low on air.


Once inside your vehicle, please make sure that ALL passengers, regardless of age or location in the vehicle, are properly buckled in. A person that isn’t buckled in is not only endangering themselves, but the other passengers in the vehicle, in any case of a wreck. A good rule to always enforce while driving is that all people present are securely buckled in, just in case of any incidents.

Also – are there any loose items that could pose a potential risk in the case of a wreck? Are there any heavy objects or loose debris that could cause injury if flung around in a wreck? All items should be properly stowed away in the trunk or secured safely.


Once all passengers are buckled up, the driver should check both the side and rear view mirrors for optimal visibility. It’s always frustrating when you are driving down the highway and realize you can’t see anything on a side view mirror because it’s still set for a different driver or posture. By adjusting all the mirrors before driving off, you eliminate the risk of having to adjust them while in motion.

If you want to be extra careful before driving, you might also check both your lights and wipers to see if any of them are not functioning properly. These both are more for instances of driving in the evening or in precipitous weather, but a regular check of both is a good idea overall.

By following these simple guidelines, you will help eliminate a few risks before even starting your vehicle.

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