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LEGO City Adventures Await!

Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own.

If your family has ever owned LEGO sets you know the magic they hold. We love them because they allow for creativity and build engineering skills. Brian (my husband, if you’re new to the blog) has been a LEGO fan for three decades, so it’s been especially wonderful for him to build sets with our kids.

LEGO City Sets are releasing at Walmart this month. There’s an amazing site that will take you and your kids through the different universes of LEGO City, with different hotspots for you to learn more about each city. Explore all the fun LEGO City has to offer with the City Adventures map. Just click through the interactive map to explore each action-packed area of LEGO City, and learn about related sets available at Walmart. Download shareable postcards from your adventures as well as a shopping list based on the LEGO City location you’re visiting.

By exploring, you’ll unlock access to an exciting sweepstakes! Enter for a chance to win a $250 Walmart Gift Card and 6 action-packed LEGO City sets so you can keep the adventure going at home:

6 winners will receive a $250 Gift Card and 6 LEGO City box sets: 

        •        Police: Police Station

        •        Coast Guard: Sea Rescue Plane 

        •        Jungle: Jungle Halftrack Mission 

        •        Great Vehicles: Pizza Van 

        •        Airport: Airport VIP Service 

        •        Fire: Fire Ladder Truck


We received the Coast Guard Headquarters set to try out – and it was SO fun! The kids had a blast building it and playing with it (and let’s be honest, Brian did too – isn’t his video of the helicopter build fun?). We love the minifigs, and our middle son’s favorite part of the whole set was the octopus!





Our kids are 10, 8, & 4 – and they all had fun playing with this set both together and on their own. That’s the magic of LEGO – it’s truly fun for all ages. We can’t wait to explore more of the new LEGO City sets at Walmart!

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