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Pizza Art

I’ve discovered a new use for pizza boxes! We had an empty one sitting on the dining table to go put with recycling, when J pulled it down on to the floor. Inspiration struck and I pulled out the box of crayons for him to color his own pizza. I drew the crust for him, but he did the rest! He got pretty creative with the toppings – purple “jelly”, red “salsa” (why on earth would you have red pizza sauce when you could have salsa on your pizza, anyway?), and brown “chocolate.”

See that oddly-shaped crust I drew? It’s “artisan crust.” Right…

Now, you could really get creative with this. If you save the circular cardboard from the bottom of a frozen pizza, you could cut that into wedges for “crust.” Your kiddos could paint red for sauce, you could cut little strips of white paper to be shredded mozzarella cheese, and you could draw (or even print from the internet) different toppings on paper to cut out and paste on. Free play food!

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  • Rebecca Peters December 5, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    Whatever makes the babies happy! Right?! LOL. You should do this every time you have pizza and then take a pic of each pizza he makes and show him when hes an adult! :D Thatd be cool lol