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VTech Connect to Cell Phone System

We only have a landline because it came bundled with our cable package, so we very rarely use our home phone. This system from VTech allows us to use our home phone to receive calls to our cell phones, and can even work as an intercom throughout the house.

The VTech Connect to Cell phone system merges cell and landline technology. It comes with three handsets, Connect to Cell technology, a digital answering system and handset speakerphones. With Connect to Cell, you can make and receive cell phone calls with the comfort of your VTech cordless handset.

HD Audio, a feature of this system, provides fuller and clearer sound for your calls. Digital security ensures your calls are digitized and encrypted, making it nearly impossible for someone to eavesdrop. Plus, Push-to-Talk intercom, call-transfer and conference capabilities streamline in-home communication, eliminating disruptive shouting through the home. With 14 minutes of recording time, the digital answering system answers calls when you can’t.

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  • Reply April G December 19, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    Wow! What an innovative product. I didn’t realize there was this technology to merge land line and cell phones!

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