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The Perfect DIY Litter Box Solution

We recently added an adorable kitten named Stone to our family. Our oldest son had been begging for a cat for months, and we pulled off a surprise of epic proportions in getting him one for Christmas. Isn’t she adorable?

My one stipulation for allowing us to get a cat was that we had to figure out a solution for the litter box. I hate the smell, and hate litter getting scattered all over the floor. We looked around on Pinterest for inspiration, and then Brian sketched out plans to make our modified ideas a reality – now Stone can use the litter box in our garage!

I thought I’d share our litter box solution in case anyone else is looking for a way to keep the smell and mess of a litter box out of the house, while still having an indoor cat.


The first step was installing a pet door between our laundry room and garage. We found this pet door that has a telescoping tunnel, so it works really well for going through interior walls. If your wall is thicker than ours, you can also purchase extensions for the tunnel for about $10. We loved this door because it has two flaps and is easy to lock.

Brian installed the door and said it was a fairly easy process. The main thing to consider is being VERY careful cutting through the drywall – you don’t want to cut a pipe or any electrical wires.

Once the door was installed he sealed the seam inside the tunnel with silicone, and ran a bead of silicone around the frame of the door both in the garage and in our laundry room.


Next we worked on building the litter box crate in the garage. We built a platform with 2×4 legs supporting it.




We had our quality assurance rep assess the sturdiness:


Next we built a frame for the walls and ceiling, and built a small door, attaching it with hinges. We weren’t too worried about aesthetics, and we don’t have tools for doing pocket holes, so we just used brackets to piece everything together.



Once the frame was built I did go ahead and paint everything out, using the trim color we have throughout our house. I wanted to make the surfaces wipeable and prevent odor from soaking into the wood. It had the added benefit of camouflaging the brackets a bit!


After I finished painting the wood, we stapled screening in. This allows air to flow into the pen, and lets us see if Stone is inside when we go to empty the litter box.





We added trim to the top of the pen so there are no sharp edges of the screening that the kids might scrape up against, and then we added a latch and lock to the door.


If you don’t have young kids you probably don’t need a lock, but we didn’t want our 4 year old to accidentally open the door and let Stone inadvertently get outside. A combination lock is easy for us to open whenever we need to access the box.

Voila! You’re all set.

Your cat(s) can access the litter box in the garage freely whenever needed, and the mess and smell stays out in your garage.



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