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We Have A Visitor for the Holidays!

The boys have been excited for December to arrive for a while now. We have several traditions that they love all building up to Christmas, and they couldn’t wait to get started! Little did they know we’d have a visitor this year that will bring even more fun!

One day between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, a good elf friend magically arrives. From the time the Elf arrives until Christmas Eve (Santa picks up each Elf to help him deliver presents), the Elves truly become part of the family. They tag along on family excursions, go to school, help with chores, and will occasionally embark on silly adventures, known as Elfcapades™, at nighttime. When children awake in the morning, they’re often excited and mystified to see what their magical Elf has been up to! For families who want to join the Elf Magic tradition, children have only to write Santa to ask if he can send a new Elf friend to the child’s home.

The goal of a visiting Elf Magic Elf is to spread joy, love, and kindness and also to ignite the Christmas spirit and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas. Children form a strong bond with their magical friend, and look forward to their Elf’s return each year.
Our elf is named Orville, and he even has blonde hair like the boys!
Orville is in a different spot each morning – and if he’s in his bag when the boys find him, they know it means he has a special treat for them! Here are some of the spots the boys have found Orville:
In our Legos
By their toothbrushes (in his bag, with a special treat!)
Trying to take off on a Lego airplane
Going for a spin on our ceiling fan
Resting in baby sister’s car seat
Snagging some candy out of our candy bowl!
The kids love finding out what Orville’s next Elfcapade will be!
Do you want an Elf Magic elf to come visit your family too? There are all kinds of different elves available to be your kids’ new friend. To learn more about Elf Magic and this fun tradition, visit Elf Magic online. You can also connect with Elf Magic on Facebook and Twitter to hear about the fun Elfcapades that Santa’s elves have been on!
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