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Wacky Wednesday

Can it be Friday yet? I have been SO tired all this week and am really looking forward to getting a nap. The boys seriously don’t know how lucky they are to have nap time built in each day! I’m going to do this post and then get to bed because I’m getting up early in the morning to go walking again!

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Pancakes with Berry Compote, Fresh Fruit and Mango-Filled Chicken Sausage (370 calories)

This morning was really busy and I got so caught up in things that I completely forgot to eat breakfast! I ended up just tasting it later so that I could review it. By the time I realized I hadn’t eaten it, it was time for lunch and I had promised to meet up with my friend. We went to Jason’s Deli, and I ate a cup of tomato basil soup for 171 calories; that way I could tide myself over until I got to eat my actual lunch for the day, which ended up being way later in the afternoon. I don’t know if that was the best solution, but it worked out ok. I think it was a good experience, though – I mean, there are always going to be crazy days and I better be prepared to deal with them and not eat bad food out of convenience. That’s another reason I think Freshology is so great. It IS convenient while also being healthy, and it takes the work out of it for us.

Like I mentioned, I did taste everything so I could let you all know about it… the pancakes were really good with the berry compote – so good that I didn’t even need the syrup. The sausage was pretty good but a little too sweet for me. My favorite part of this whole meal was the berry compote. I could practically drink that stuff!

Lunch: Five-Bean Vegetarian Chili with Cornbread Sprinkle and a Side Salad (400 calories)

The chili was AMAZING. So, so, so good. I noticed a spiciness to it right off the bat, and then had a little bit of a slow heat that followed. This is a soup I want the recipe for! I let Brian taste it too, and he agreed that we needed to try and make our own version of this sometime. It was great today and would be even better once it gets cold outside. Yum!

Dinner: Roasted Chicken Breast with Ratatouille (330 calories)

I’d never had ratatouille before – my only experience with it was watching the Pixar movie!  It was a nice blend of veggies with a blend of spices, which was also used on the chicken. Everything was cooked perfectly, the textures were spot-on, and it was a good introduction to the dish! I let Brian taste this one too and he loved the ratatouille.

Dessert: Flourless Chocolate Cake (150 calories)

I decided to take a photo of this dessert that would give you an idea of the size a little better. They’re small, but still a decent size – and they pack a rich, chocolaty punch. Who wouldn’t want to end their day with chocolate? It’ll be sweet dreams for me, I guess. :)

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